Montessori child


Bozeman Summit School is a school with annual commitments for salaries and maintenance. Parents/guardians are responsible for tuition and other fees regardless of illness or absences. Enrollment is for the full school year. The school is an independent, non-profit organization and must meet expenses of a continuing nature, based on estimated tuition for the entire year.

NEW! Tuition 2018-2019

Tuition is billed in nine equal payments that are due on the first of each month: April and/or May tuition deposits (depending on enrollment in elementary or early childhood program) and September through March monthly tuition. During the school year, monthly bills are issued by the first Friday of the month and payable upon receipt. Monthly bills include tuition fees for the current month and fees for services rendered the previous month. A 5% per month discount from tuition fees is available for each additional sibling from a family.

There are two annual fees assessed with the September bill: $150 per child for a combination of liability insurance and the American Montessori Society membership, and $150 per child for supplies.

Elementary Program (ages 6-12, grades 1-6)
2018-2019: $1015.00/month or $9,135.00 per year

Early Childhood Program (ages 3-6)
2018-2019 monthly tuition:
3 Half Days $640.00 - introductory schedule for 3 year old students only
3 Full Days $736.00
4 Half Days $721.00
4 Full Days $843.00
5 Half Days $770.00
5 Full Days $928.00 - required for all kindergarten age students
(age 5 by September 10)