Parent Circle

Parents are instrumental in the success of our school community. We encourage all families to become involved in their child's education. Research shows that when family and school work together as a team the child's self-confidence and self-discipline grows. The Parent Circle consists of a number of committees and sub-committees that allow parents to participate in a number of different ways to help grow our community.

All parents are members of the Parent Circle, and are encouraged to attend the regularly scheduled Parent Circle meetings. These meetings are an opportunity for parents to learn about needs within the school, receive updates from the board and make suggestions on the growth of the school. Regularly scheduled meetings are the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM in the BSS gym.

The following is a list of the Parent Circle committees and a short description for each:

Social Committee

Helps staff and teachers to organize, plan and decorate for school events (Watermelon Social, Historical Halloween, Musicals, etc.)

Collects event photos and assists with the creation of the BSS yearbook.

Organizes Teacher Appreciation Day events.

Fundraising Committee

Helps to organize and execute fundraising events in accordance with the goals established during the budgeting process (annual 5k, read-a-thon, family nights, etc).

Building/Grounds Committee

Helps to complete projects around the school, organizes clean up days, and assists staff in acquiring reasonable quotes for large projects.

Community Outreach Committee

Helps to promote BSS through various public events (Sweet Pea, Parades, etc.) in addition to organizing charitable events (food drives, etc).

Education Support Committee

Assist staff and teachers as needed in organizing Field Trips, Classroom Speakers, Extracurricular Activities and Montessori Education for parents.

Please reach out to the office or come to the next Parent Circle meeting to learn more about how you can get involved!

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You can also contact the Parent Circle via email at:

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