Parent Group Organization

Parents play a large part in our school community. We encourage families to become involved in their child's education as we believe it is essential to a child's overall success. Research shows that when family and school work together as a team the child's self-confidence and self-discipline grows. Parents become involved in such areas as reading, spelling, gardening projects, field trips, office support, and fundraising. The Parent Group Organization provides opportunities for families to get to know each other and support the school at the same time.

Each parent is automatically a member of the Parent Group Organization and each has the right to attend meetings and participate in the decisions of the PGO.

Some of our parents are able to commit substantial time as committee chairs and committee members for the PGO, while others volunteer for particular events or classroom activities, as their time and interests permit. Still, others offer goods and services or support our efforts by purchasing tickets and attending the various events. When all is said and done, over 90 percent of our parents actively participate in volunteer activities at the school. We are indebted to our parents for their continued support and involvement.

The following is a list of the PGO committees and a short description for each:

Community Outreach Committee

Work directly with the teachers to help organize projects to provide community service opportunities. (e.g. Pennies for Peace, Tsunami fundraising, Food Bank contributions, City Clean-Up Day, etc.)

Fundraising Committee

Provide varied and joyful opportunities for BSS families and the public to contribute toward the fundraising goals of the school. (e.g. Spring Gala, Mackenzie River Pizza Co. night, Square One Art, LCME t-shirts, etc.)

Phone Tree Committee

Organize phone tree and initiate calling upon activation by the Head of School. (e.g. School closure, reminder for school events, etc.)

Photography Committee

Help to capture those great moments in the life of our school and then display for the school community. (e.g. Historical Halloween, MOSS days, Music programs, Field Trips, etc.)

Playground Committee

Generate creative ideas for a fun and stimulating playground. Work with the Head of School to implement ideas, equipment and playground development.

Social/Hospitality Committee

Organize and facilitate refreshments for BSS community activities. (e.g. Fall Wine & Cheese, Historical Halloween, Winter Music Program, Spring Music Program, Spring Potluck, Parents Night Out.)

Staff Appreciation Committee

Initiate and facilitate creative ways to recognize the BSS staff. (e.g. Small monthly thank-you: flower, card from the students, coffee/tea, body lotion, etc. – A “Staff Appreciation Fund” can help support the cause.)

Committee meeting times are posted and announced via Friday Folders and/or the Thursday E-mail News. Please feel free to contact the Office with any questions regarding the PGO.

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