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A Halloween Twist on a History Lesson

October 28, 2016: CBS News Station KBZK

The ghosts of dead presidents, queens, artists, athletes and astronauts filled the Bozeman Summit School gym this morning, not to haunt but to honor at the annual Historical Halloween.
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A Halloween Twist on a History Lesson

October 31, 2014: CBS News Station KBZK

There's more than just ghosts and goblins over at Bozeman Summit School this Halloween week. The school has found a way to add an historical twist on typical Halloween festivities
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Governor pushing early education for all

May 29, 2014: CBS News Station KBZK

Governor Steve Bullock wants to ensure that every child in Montana has access to high-quality pre-school starting at age four. The news channel visited BSS to learn more about our early childhood program.

"In this Montessori classroom, everything is hands on and the children are encouraged to be independent," says BSS teacher Hannah Gullickson
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Students create superhero capes for children in shelters

January 28, 2014: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Bozeman Summit School students made 40 superhero capes and donated them to national and local charities this week, including children at the local domestic violence shelter.
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One Class at a Time - BSS

January 27, 2014: CBS News Station KBZK

KBZK and First Interstate Bank provided a tablet for BSS teacher - Taylor Wortman.
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BSS Students Showcase ‘Historical Halloween’

October 31, 2013: CBS News Station KBZK

Halloween for some kids in some schools is a time to learn. You can check out 'Historical Halloween' from the Bozeman Summit School...
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Unbroken Spirit: Emmet inspires Bozeman school to raise money for bone disease

May 22, 2012: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Emmet Jones wants to go outside, play ball and do things any 8-year-old boy takes for granted. But every time he does, Emmet is taking a big risk.

A second-grader at the Bozeman Summit School, Emmet has bones so thin and delicate, they seem like a bird’s.

He is one of two boys born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, attending the private, 43-student Montessori school.

In eight years, Emmet has had 21 broken bones, one major surgery, and learned to walk three times.

It has made Emmet accustomed to pain and really brave, his mother, Kimberly Hartman, 31, who works at a financial advising firm, said Monday.

“If he plays with friends, he’s exposing himself to breaking a bone,” Hartman said. “Playing with his cousins takes courage…. If he catches a ball wrong, he could break his arm. He goes out and does it anyway…. And he does it every day.” [read more]


Bozeman Third Grader Grows Colossal Cabbage

January 14, 2012: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Meadow Zelenitz-McCracken can certainly grow cabbage.

Each year, third-graders across the country grow oversized versions of the vegetable with the national Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program. This year more than 1.5 million kids in 48 states participated.

But none grew a cabbage quite like Zelenitz-McCracken. The third-grader at Bozeman Summit School managed a monster. Weighing in at 65 pounds, the cabbage is the largest ever grown through the program, according to spokeswoman Joan Casanova.

The giant cabbage also earned Zelenitz-McCracken “best in state” and a $1,000 scholarship toward education from Bonnie Plants. [read more]


Bozeman Boy with Bone Disorder Rises Above Disease

December 6, 2011: CBS News Station KBZK

Anyone who is regularly around seven-year-old Emmet Jones would say he is compassionate and extremely outgoing. No one would mention the rare type of bone disorder from which he suffers, because he does not let it slow him down.

"Most of the time Emmet is just a normal seven-year-old," said Kimberly Hartman, Emmet's mother.

Emmet is a second grader at the Bozeman Summit School who has osteogenesis imperfecta, better known as brittle bone disease. This disease, that affects about six in 100,000, is caused by a genetic mutation that results in abnormalities in collagen, which is the most abundant protein in bone. [read more]

Montessori Schools Thriving in bozeman

Montessori Schools Thriving in Bozeman Area

October 8, 2011: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Montessori schools are thriving in the Bozeman area...Bozeman Summit has 42 students in grades one through six this year...The strengths of her school, Stern said, are its low student-teacher ratios (10 or 12 students to each teacher) and lots of individual attention. Students consistently test in the 99th percentile on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills [read more]

BSS Sings for International Peace Day

BSS Celebrates UN International Peace Day

September 21, 2011: CBS News KBZK & NBC News KTVM

Montessori schools across the world and here in Bozeman are celebrating the United Nations International Peace Day. At 11 a.m. this morning students at Bozeman Summit School, formerly Learning Circle Montessori Elementary, joined together to sing "Light a Candle for Peace". Montessori students began singing in New Zealand...
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Jack Horner

Paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner Visits BSS

April 29, 2011: CBS News Station KBZK

We all know that young kids love dinosaurs, and today one elementary school got a special visit from a dinosaur expert. Well known paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner visited Bozeman Summit School (formerly Learning Circle Montessori Elementary) to share his knowledge and help teach kids about dinosaurs. [watch CBS KBZK Newscast]

Nancy Characklis

Learning Method Passes Test of Time

November 23, 2010: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Thirty years ago Nancy Characklis started Bozeman’s first Montessori school in the basement of her home. Since then, an expanded Bozeman Summit School (formerly Learning Circle Montessori Elementary) has educated hundreds of children [read more]

Historical Halloween

BSS Students Perform ‘Historical Halloween’

October 30, 2010: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

There were no witches, ghosts or pirates to be found at Bozeman Summit School (formerly Learning Circle Montessori Elementary) Friday.

Instead, there was one of almost every major historical figure born in the time period spanning the years 1370 B.C. to 1932: Nefertiti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jim Bridger (a local icon), Annie Oakley, Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. A blonde Sacajawea wore pigtail braids, and a mini Mozart carried a tiny violin case slung over his shoulder.

Friday was Bozeman Summit School's annual "Historical Halloween" celebration, the culmination of a month of research on a famous person who "contributed positively to society" by students in first through sixth grades [read more]

Press Releases

MAY 19, 2014

BSS staff complete Montessori training programs [read more]

October 3, 2011

Bozeman’s First & Largest Montessori Elementary School Announces Name Change and Recent Expansion [read more]

February 22, 2011

Bozeman Summit School Receives Grant From The Home Depot Foundation [read more]