Montessori child

Enrichment Programs

Our daily schedule encompasses health enhancement and music two times a week as well as Spanish and art once a week. Spanish and art are choices from which the students can choose when creating their daily and/or weekly work plan. In addition to our normal schedule, Bozeman Summit School welcomes artists in residence every year. Depending on grant monies and/or donations we strive to enrich our program with visual and performing arts. Our children have had the opportunity to work with and participate in African/South American drumming, acting and singing, dance/movement, the Bozeman Symphony, various musical troops, and gifted visual artists from the community. The Upper Elementary students have the option to take band which, in addition to learning or fine tuning an instrument, prepares them for their middle school experience. Most often, these experiences culminate into enthusiastic performances during our winter or spring programs, which are loved by students and parents alike.

After Hours Extended Care Program

Most of our parents lead busy careers and find it's not possible to pick up their children after regular school hours. Bozeman Summit School offers an after school extended care program that runs until 5:30 Mondays through Fridays.

Historical Halloween

Historical Halloween Every October for Halloween, students research, write an essay about, dress up as and present a historical figure who has contributed positively to society. They benefit on many levels from this exercise. Students learn, discuss and think about role models and what it means to do positive things for the world. They research, read and synthesize information in paragraph and essay format. Their public speaking skills are broached (first graders) and honed as they step onto the stage and confidently project their voice into a microphone to a large audience of family and friends. Historical Halloween is one of Bozeman Summit School's cherished traditions.