Camp Discover Summer Camp Program

"Planting Ideas, Growing Imagination"




Garden Sprouts - Session 1 (June 15th-June26th)
We will start our first session with basic science principles like “sink or float” and “solids, liquids, gases.” Our goal is to learn what it takes to start a garden like good dirt and natural wildlife. We will also explore what plants’ needs are and how we can help our plant friends thrive. Our main focus will be pollinators; birds, bees, and butterflies!

Art in Nature - Session 2 (June 29th-July 10th)
There are many textures and colors to observe in wildlife. We will be trying to capture that in this session. Murals, music, and garden decorations isn’t where it ends! We are going create habitats, explore wildlife, and even take a stab at photography! At the end of this session, we will put on an art show for your viewing.

Lil’ Scientists - Session 3 (July 13th-July 24th)
History can be fun! In this session, we will discover the importance of plants from dinosaurs to the Native Americans. We are also going to learn about significant naturalists and environmentalists in our history, and try to mimic their scientific methods of exploration. Finally, we will study the wild side of nature like spiders, worms, bats, and snakes.

Life on the Farm - Session 4 (July 27th-Aug. 7th)

Our gardening season comes to an end with harvest season. In this session, we will learn to cook with nature and the “farm to table” process. We are also going to explore animal husbandry. The most exciting part of this session will be planning and throwing a harvest party for you! We will have an art show, a mock farmer’s market, and a family pot luck dinner with ingredients we grew in our class gardens.

About Kelsey Wallisch
Kelsey grew up in rural eastern Wisconsin, spending all of her time outside gardening or horseback riding with her parents and grandparents. She then moved to River Falls, WI and studied Environmental Science and Horticulture. She taught horseback riding, outdoor education, and gardening at a children’s summer camp in Wisconsin before moving to Montana. It will be a big summer for Kelsey who is having her first child in April.  Kelsey says, "I am greatly looking forward to the summer camp here at Bozeman Summit School.  It will be a beautiful and inspiring summer for me, you, and your children!"