Bozeman Summit School

Building and Grounds

The school's building and grounds are conveniently located in the city of Bozeman and are situated on three acres of land. The main school building includes three beautiful, spacious classrooms, a library, three administrative offices, a conference room, a staff room and a music room. Additionally, we have a large gymnasium for Health Enhancement during the colder months and the after school program. In the summer of 2009, the school doubled in size when the addition to the school building was completed, adding the third classroom, more office space, a library, a music room and a staff room.

Natural Playground/Outdoor Classroom

Research shows that interacting with a natural environment contributes to the overall physical, cognitive, and emotional development of children. Such an environment helps students score higher on tests, improves concentration and self-discipline, experience more diverse play, exhibit less aggressive behavior, strive toward advanced motor fitness, and become healthier.

In an effort to create a space for our students to have a wonderful place to go outside to play and learn, the Natural Playground/Outdoor Classroom (NPOC) was completed in the fall of 2009 and was the first of its kind in the community and state. It features an amphitheatre with rock seating, a stream and small pond from which to study, a large sand area, a cave, a willow tunnel, an in-ground slide, a rock scramble, a climbing wall, a dug-in fort atop a hill, trees and shrubs, a walking/running path and more. The second phase of the NPOC plans to incorporate garden beds (to pair with our extensive biology curriculum), a labyrinth, a teepee, a fire pit and more! [photos]

This local news story featured the NPOC when it was first completed: