We know at times it may be confusing about who to talk to when you have a question! Below is a list of the more frequently asked questions to help guide you. BSS’s policy is to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. We ask that you please refrain from communicating with staff about school-related events or happenings using their personal contact information, and instead use the main school line or their BSS e-mail.

Our teachers take attendance daily and will notice during the morning work period if your child is not present. While it is not required for you to communicate these absences to the school, parents are encouraged to send an e-mail to the classroom teacher(s) letting them know your child will be out. If they are out due to a communicable disease (flu, stomach bug, etc.) it is always helpful to know what is going around.

We want to be sure your child is advancing through the classroom curriculum at a pace that is developmentally appropriate for them. If you are planning an extended absence, please set up a meeting with your child’s classroom teacher to discuss the length of the trip, and any academic concerns in advance. If necessary, teachers will set up a work plan for while you are gone.

All medication is required to be self-administered (the child must be able to give it to themselves). If your child will be on medication for a short period of time to treat an illness or ailment, please bring the medication to the front office and fill out a form with the dosage, frequency of use, and any other applicable information.

Please reach out to Alicia in the office via e-mail, phone or in-person to discuss any questions related to tuition or invoices.

Birthdays are a special time at Bozeman Summit School. We have a unique way of celebrating birthdays within each classroom, but know many families will host birthday parties or other events outside of the school. If you would like our help in distributing invitations through Friday Folders, we ask that you include an invitation for all children with NO NAMES on them and give them to Nadine in the front office by Wednesday. If you would like to distribute invitations to a handful of individuals, please see Nadine in the front office for a list of classroom contacts to reach out to families on your own. We are not able to distribute invitations to select individuals on your behalf.

Generally, we only have early dismissal the same day as special events or performances. Most of these performances begin at 1:00pm. Please be sure to send your child to school with a lunch on these days, as they will eat before the event. After these events, children are released for the day to go home with you. If you have to return to work following a performance, aftercare will generally be available until 5:30 unless otherwise indicated in advance.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development or academic progress, the first step is to always speak with your child’s teacher. Setting up a meeting with your child’s classroom teacher rather than having these conversations at drop-off or pick-up will allow for their undivided attention and the time for them to prepare for the discussion.

Each child should have a yearly field trip form filled out at the beginning of the school year which gives the school permission to take your child on trips within a pre-determined range. We also have included an annual field trip fund in your child’s tuition.

Prior to each field trip, your teacher will send out information about the upcoming trip. This will generally come in paper form and/or via e-mail. Information should include where they are going, the length of time they will be away from the school, what supplies they need and any other details. If you have any questions about a trip, please refer to this message first. If there are any other questions, you should e-mail your child’s classroom teacher for information about supplies needed and trip details. If you have any questions about permission slips or payments, you should contact Nadine in the front office.

If you are a chaperone and cannot attend a trip, please e-mail your child’s classroom teacher. If a trip is cancelled or postponed for any reason, this information will be communicated via e-mail to families as soon as a decision is made. Generally speaking, we consult with the organization hosting our group to determine whether they are still holding programs that day. Often times a decision may be made the morning of the trip, in which case you should plan to send your child to school with the appropriate supplies for the trip and look for an e-mail that morning for any final details or changes to the schedule.

If your child has an appointment or will need to leave school early, please e-mail your child’s classroom teacher in advance to ensure your child is ready to go when you arrive. If your child is in a curriculum enhancement program or otherwise not in the classroom, someone in the front office can help you get to them.

If you have to unexpectedly pick your child up early there is not necessarily a need to communicate this to us that day. Parents are welcome in the school at any time. If you’d like to try and ensure that we have your child ready to go when you arrive, you may contact your child’s classroom teacher via e-mail or call the front office. It is not guaranteed that e-mails will be seen in advance, and it’s possible that someone may not be available to answer the phone. In which case, you should leave enough time during pick up to have your child gather their things and clean up their work.

If there is a family emergency and you must get ahold of your child or the school immediately, please call the main line at 406-585-3778. If for any reason you are not able to connect with someone at this number, please feel free to use any contact information you have available to reach the appropriate classroom.

When reaching out to staff on personal lines, we encourage you to be respectful of their time away from work and only use their personal contact information when you need to reach your child in an emergency. Personal contact information may only be shared by staff if they feel comfortable sharing this information.